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Our Testimonials

"I live with a diagnosis of Schizophrenia and hypo-mania bipolar, suffering from Severe persistent mental illness that I will live with the rest of my life. I have dealt with many impatient and outpatient facilities over the course of my life. I feel the referral to Essential Supportive Services was one of the best things that have happened in my life. I do believe that ESS is the Gold Standard for mental health care."

- T. Norris
Benson, NC

"The most important part of my mental health treatment is having a Supportive and caring Provider that can work with me and talk with my Cancer doctors, and primary care physician. I am diagnosed with Schizophrenia, and Essential Supportive Services, helps to decrease my negative thoughts, when I am able to talk with their team of trusted providers. ESS understands my problems and how my physical suffering affects my mental health as I learn to manage my symptoms."

- E. Smith
Clayton, NC

"It is Important that I keep my appointments and I that am consistent with taking my medications. Since receiving treatment at Essential Supportive Services, I get more out of my life and have a more positive outlook on life. These services are needed in Johnston County, and there are some people I would like to come to get the help they need, but they are afraid due to the stigma associated with Mental Health Care System in North Carolina."

- B. Wright
Smithfield, NC

"The most important part of my Mental Health treatment with Essential Supportive Services is having wonderful psychiatrist and therapist to treat me, not giving me more medications then I need and only what is best for me. Knowing that I have support 24/7/365 gives me a support team. I have noticed a huge difference in my life. The doctor has made many breakthroughs. This agency is so important for my community. Everyone treats me respectfully, and helps me to reach my healthcare goals.

- R. Sommers
Clayton, NC

"It is important that I get the help I need mentally to stay normal and functional. Since receiving services at Essential Supportive Services, I am more stable and feel better. I feel Agency is needed in the Johnston County Community because people like me need a place to go with their problems."

- T. Dennis
Clayton, NC

"I received services at Essential Supportive Services (ESS) and they have given me the tools that I need to help reduce my chances of going back to jail. I’ve learned how to make better life choices as well as problem solving skills. I truly believe ESS can help benefit others because I feel like a better person."

- D. Jenkins
Clayton, NC

"My main goal was to work towards positive outcomes in my life and Essential Supportive Services helped me achieve that. In class they taught me that I was capable of making better choices and decisions and to remember that my consequences are directly related to my choices. I plan on continuing to make better decisions so I will reduce my risk of ever being incarcerated again. Thanks Essential."

- J.McIntyre
Clayton, NC

“I have noticed that my thinking has changed to where I do have a choice whether to use or not. During my time at Essential Supportive Services (ESS) I realized that my attitude had a lot to do with my decision making. I’ve come to the conclusion that every individual needs to be honest with themselves in order to be successful. ESS is the tool that helped me realize that.”

- N. Poole
Clayton, NC

"Since completing the Treatment for effective community supervision program I am more motivated, happier, and have goals that I am actually working towards achieving."

- J. Bray

" Changes I have seen in my life since receiving services, are that I admit when I am wrong, more honest, and focused on my life goals and being realistic with them. I have shown more respect to my friends and family."

- K. Byrd



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